Group shows


In place of Space Exhibition at the Apartheid Archive Conference

20 May to 23 May   (Sculptural installation, University of Pretoria)



Vestigial Space  Exhibition at the Apartheid Archive Conference

20 May to 23 May  (Sculptural installation, University of Pretoria)



Tension Torsion: 20 Years On Exhibition at Ithuba Arts Gallery

20 March to 13 April

(Sculptural installation, Braamfontein)



Young 14’ Exhibition at The Bag Factory 12 March

(Sculptural installation, Fordsburg)



Tom Waits FOR NO MAN travelling exhibition at various galleries

(Sculpture, National)

16 May to 29 May 2013, UJ Art Gallery 



Based on a song entitled ‘It’s all right with me’  The wrong lips is a playful exploration of psycho sexual behaviour in pure Tom Waits fashion. More specifically, it focusses on erotic exchanges between strangers; such as flirtation and other ephemeral encounters. The work is mounted on a record player, visually enticing viewers through the slow hypnotic rotation of two voluptuous 'lips’ produced from folded vinyl flooring.





Ithuba Arts Fund annual group show at Ithuba Arts Gallery

(Sculpture installations, collaborative video work and performance, Braamfontein)




MTN New Contemporaries Award show at the IZIKO Castle of Good Hope

(Collaborative Video work, Cape Town)



360 Degrees group show at Artspace  (Sculpture and Video work, Johannesburg)


'Looming' the wall sculpture is accompanied by 'Looming 2' an animated video work produced in collaboration with Mocke J Van Veuren 

(refer to COLLABORATION). 


David M. Smith (2003) , in his book on urbanization and social change in South Africa, discusses the ongoing classed and raced struggles for space in the inner city. ‘Looming’ depicts an aerial view of the east end of Johannesburg’s inner city. The Carlton Building is a key focal point of the piece; forged from the eastern edge of a circular disk and representative of its exaggerated scale (in comparison to its surroundings). The use of an aluminium skeleton and a skin-like wax covering extends the meaning of the work to the relational notion of architecture as macrocosmic reflections of the human body.





Just work Done group show a Glasgow School of Art collective exhibition at

134 Renfrew Street (Sculpture installation, Glasgow)


Photography by: Mocke J van Veuren 

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