Art-education initiatives 

"CADRE: Critical Art and Design Revolutionary Education (est. 2018)

CADRE is a registered educational organisation, that seeks to impart critical cognitive and psychological skills in order to raise self, socio and political consciousness through the potential inherent qualities embedded in the production of art and design objects. In addition to this, the project offers the necessary crafting proficiencies to facilitate development in a diverse range of communities in order to reach and maintain economic sustainability. The project draws on models of situated learning, dialogue and responsiveness, in order to allow for essential conversations, voice and agency amongst all participants. 

Our specialization includes various disciplines such as Art production, sculpture, installation art and performative arts, Architecture, Theatre and Interior Design, Construction and Sustainable product design,  Jewellery Design, Goldsmithing and Metalsmithing, Fashion Design and Dressmaking, Cooking, Baking and Food preparation. 

Emerging Arts Activist ( 2013 - 2017)

The Emerging Arts Activist program is a partnership between the Apartheid Museum and UJ Transformation unit. The program is an initiative of  artist-curator Farieda Nazier, who is currently an academic at the University of Johannesburg.


The aim of the workshop is to expose, explore and instil a basic socio-political grounding in young arts activist, towards a broader reconciliation and transformational end. This long term intervention was launched in 2013 during National Youth month, which commemorates the June 16, 1976 uprising of youth against Bantu Legislation laws. An objective of the program is to promote arts practice as a transformative tool by focussing on critical contemporary histories and the shared experiences of the participants. The program includes topical presentations by a range of Johannesburg based arts practitioners whose art works are situated in a post-colonial theory framework. 


Arts based conscioussness raising offerings includes:

+The Emerging Arts activists programme established in 2013 in collaboration with the Apartheid Museum and UJ Transformation Unit.

+The Angry Youth Workshop established in 2014 in collaboration with Mocke Jansen van Veuren, UJ CERT and the Ithuba Art Gallery. 

+Women's Consciousness Raising  workshops: Understanding GBV in collaboration with the University of Johannesburg Community Engagement Office (2018)

+Making and making sense workshops (Apartheid Museum DeBriefing and Finding light in the Shadows) at the Apartheid Museum and Stellenbosch University respectively in Collaboration with Prof. Kim Berman  (University of Johannesburg)

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