Tension Torsion: 20 Years on 

A group show of new works by Farieda Nazier, Gordon Froud, Avitha Sooful and Oupa V. Mokwena. 

Curated by: Farieda Nazier 

20 March to 17 April 2014

Ithuba Art Gallery, Braamfontein, Johannesburg



Launched on 20 March 2014, during the advent of commemoration of South Africa's 20 years of democracy, Tension Torsion: 20 Years on was a responsive arts-based social intervention that comprised an art exhibition of sculptural installation and a public visual-arts programme.








Photography by: Lavendhri Arumugham and Alberta Whittle

After Math: An expoloration of temporality, wounding and consequence 

A solo show by  Farieda Nazier with Mocke J van Veuren & Thami Hector Manekehla

Curated by: Farieda Nazier 

16 August to 16 September 2012 at the Apartheid Museum, Ormonde, Johannesburg 


Frantz Fanon in his 1952 Black Skin White Masks uses the term ‘black neurosis’ to broadly refer to the psychological effects of racial oppression. Within the South African context as with many other analogous contexts, personal histories are undeniably engrained with discrimination and its consequent wounding in one form or another. The After Math project is an ongoing art intervention which explores art as socio-political research and social engagement focussing on Fanon’s concept of ‘black neurosis’. The project aims to generate dialogue around a discrimination-wounding-aftermath theme through the use of a range of explorative methodologies i.e. abstract sculptural installations, animated video work and live performance.




Related Media


Photography by: Nanka Hawes and Ryan Uys



  • Iziko Castle of Good Hope: MTN New Contemporary Awards, Cape Town (RSA) , 2012

  • Ithuba Art Gallery: Traversed and Recorded, Johannesburg (RSA), 2012

  • Bag Factory: Young 14', Johannesburg (RSA), 2014

  • Apartheid Archive Conference: Race, Place, Location, Dislocation, Pretoria (RSA), 2014

  • The Holt Gallery: Four Woundings and a Sequal, St. Louis (USA), 2015



Group Shows

In place of Space Exhibition at the Apartheid Archive Conference

20 May to 23 May   (Sculptural installation, University of Pretoria)



Vestigial Space  Exhibition at the Apartheid Archive Conference

20 May to 23 May  (Sculptural installation, University of Pretoria)



Tension Torsion: 20 Years On Exhibition at Ithuba Arts Gallery

20 March to 13 April

(Sculptural installation, Braamfontein)



Young 14’ Exhibition at The Bag Factory 12 March

(Sculptural installation, Fordsburg)





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