Nazier, F. 2020. (R)emembering, (Dis)membering, (Re)imaging and imagining): In response to Freedom or Death in Freedom or Death by Gideon Mendel. AVAILABLE ONLINE   


Nazier, F. 2016. Thinking Making:Thinking/Making: A Discussion of Method in the Emerging Arts Activist Programme's Chewing the Cud and Angry Youth Workshops. AVAILABLE ONLINE


Nazier, F. 2014. Beyond the ‘After Math’: exploring psychological decolonisation in a post-apartheid context of artistic praxis. Critical Arts Journal: South-North Cultural and Media Studies. 29 (2). 199  -215. AVAILABLE ONLINE

Nazier, F. 2012. Building from the Ground Up. LAP LambertAcademic Publishers: Germany AVAILABLE ONLINE   


Nazier, F. 2010. A Critical Review of Widening Access Strategies in South African Higher Education. FADA Research 2010 Newsletter AVAILABLE ONLINE 

Nazier, 2009. The Akan gold weights. Cambridge University Press: South Africa ONLINE 

Nazier, 2009. Patterns in Jewellery.  Cambridge University Press: South Africa


Nazier, 2009. Drawing in 3D.  Cambridge University Press: South Africa


Conference presentations & Colloquia 

- Freedom or Death Exhibition and Book launch: Gideon Mendel Opening speech, 2020. AVAILABLE HERE

- Curatorial Care Conference 2018 Research Paper Presentation at University of Johannesburg, VIAD. AVAILABLE ONLINE IN 2019

- UJ Teaching and Learning Symposium 2018 Presentation at University of Johannesburg, Academic Development 

- Contemporay Jewellery Forum Seminar 2018 Convener at University of Johannesburg, with Dr. Kevin Murray RMIT

- Neville Alexander Commemorative Conference 2018 Respondant to Antonia Dardar at University of Johannesburg, CERT

-Designing Apartheid Workshop and Symposium 2018 Curator and Facilitator at Apartheid Museum, George Bizos Gallery 

-UJ Women's Day Event 2018 Panelist at UJ Library. MORE AVAILABLE ONLINE


-SOTL in the South 2017 Workshop facilitator at University of Johannesburg, Education Faculty 

-Contemporary Jewellery Forum 2017 Convener at University of Johannesburg, with Chris De Beer, Liz Loubser, Geraldine Fenn, Veronica Anderson, Carolla Ross, Dave Newman AVAILABLE ONLINE 



-Apartheid Museum Women's Day Event 2016 Guest Speaker at Apartheid Museum, with Eusebius Mckaizer AVALABLE ONLINE 

The Sterling and Francine Clark Institute 

9 April 2015

Invited speaker 

After Math: An attempted analogy - What (post-race) America can learn from (post-apartheid) South Africa and vice versa at Clark Art institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts


Neville Alexander Commemorative Conference

31 October to 1 November 2014

Reflecting on 20 years of post-apartheid education and celebrating Alexander’s praxis:

Looking back and looking forward at University of Johannesburg, Gauteng 

Thinking Making: A brief overview of the ‘emerging arts activist’ program

Msunduzi Museum Conference

1 September 2014

Commemorating 20 Years of Democracy: A different dialogue at Msunduzi Museum, Kwazulu Natal 

Between four sprung springs, a crime scene, red-mugabe and a horde of four fives:  A critical reflection of the Tension Torsion: 20 Years On exhibition



The Arts of Human Rights Workshop

5 to 7 August 2014 

A Collaborative workshop between Bard College, Wiser and the University of Witwatersrand, Gauteng 

Beyond the After Math: (Re)negotiating race, memory and consequence


Apartheid Archive Conference

21 to 23 May 2014 

Race, place, location, dislocation 

Locating the museum: Exploring the tensions of museum-based art interventions



International Visual Sociology Accociation Conference 

8 to 10 July 2013

The public image 

After Math: An exploration of art as sociological research in post-apartheid South Africa (P116)Apartheid Archive Project-Research 



Design Education Forum of South Africa Conference 

7 to 8 September 2011

20/20 design vision 

Enhancing Learner Performance in Design Education




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